School Day

The Timetable

The Academy operates a two week timetable. There are five 60 minute periods per day as well as 20 minute slots each day for form-time or assemblies at the end of the school day. There are 50 periods in each fortnightly timetable cycle and ten form/assembly slots. There is a ten minute registration, check-in and preparation slot each morning.

School Day Timings 

The timings of our school day are as detailed below:

8.30am Latest pupils should arrive on site

8:40-8.50 Morning Registration
8:50-9:50 Period 1
9:50-10:50 Period 2

10.50-11:10 Mid-morning break

11:10-12:10pm Period 3
12:10-1:10 Period 4

1:10-1:50 Lunchtime

1:50-2:50 Period 5 (inc. legal afternoon registration)
2:50-3:10pm Assembly/Tutor Programme

3:10 pm School day ends

3.15-4.15pm Co-curricular opportunities, inc. homework support hub

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