Admissions Arrangements

Please note that information contained on this page changed on 19 September 2020 following the outcomes of our statutory consultation.

How to apply

Houlton School’s admissions consultation ended on 15 September 2020. A summary of the comments we received (and our responses) is available at the end of this page, along with our final Admissions Arrangements Policy for 2021-2022.

One difference from the draft arrangements is that we are delighted to announce that you are now able to apply for your school place through the local authority portal.

Some families downloaded the draft application form that was included as part of our consultation and have emailed it to us or sent it in by post. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept the draft forms.

We  have already contacted all families who have sent us the draft form electronically and will contact families who posted the draft form by post in the coming days.

All applications must now be made through the Local Authority Admissions Service.

If you had already made your choices for a secondary place on the Warwickshire Admissions Portal before Houlton School was made available, please email with your updated six preferences in order and Warwickshire will work with you to make this change. This must be done before 31 October 2020.

Houlton School will coordinate with the Local Authority (LA) to process school offers. This means you will need to complete your home LA common application form (CAF):

If you live in Warwickshire:

If you live in Northamptonshire:
Northamptonshire are not able to process your application via their portal. To apply to Houlton through them, please email Emma Tipler, who will support you with your application.

If you live in Leicestershire: